Guarding Servics

MOTLHABANE RISK MANAGEMENT SERVICES is a BBBEE Compliant Security Provider which provides Comprehensive Guarding services to corporate, commercial and industrial sectors. With guard’s carefully recruited and trained to specification of client, MOTLHABANE RISK MANAGEMENT SERVICES can provide any business with a first class guarding solution. MOTLHABANE RISK MANAGEMENT SERVICES Guarding Division offers: Corporate and commercial guarding

Industrial guarding 
Special events
Construction sites
Vacant House Guarding
Mobile Truck Guarding
Real time off site video surveillance services

A Range Of Tailor Made Services

Our guarding services are designed for all types of businesses; Guarding solutions have additional support and comprehensive infrastructure which, depending on your requirements, may include CCTV, High-tech Access Control and Electronic article surveillance. And armed response unit if applicable

Corporrate & Commercial Guarding

Our guards are carefully selected and thoroughly screened for criminal records and if they meet our criteria of standards, they are trained to understand that by Protecting your business or premises they become an extension of it. We know that every company has its tradition; therefore we train them to interact with clients in natural and proactive attitude. MOTLHABANE RISK MANAGEMENT SERVICES has the capacity to provide its clients with every requirement in addition to what have been mentioned above.

Industrial Guarding & Retail

Warehouses and Retail have to deal with particularly complex security issues and face threats not only from outside, but also from within “the enemy within”, our guards are trained to conduct effective patrols around the clients premises and to locate any vulnerable areas along the perimeter. We plan to include the services of Logistic check and balances, which will provide a complete warehouse and logistics management service aimed at reducing shrinkage, stock loss and theft in which we;

  1. Measure and assess current losses/ vulnerabilities using internationally developed risk surveys and evaluation models.
  2. Conduct a site assessment and needs analysis, institute reporting and preventative system, all undertaken by the highest caliber security specialists.
  3. Use the information attained to implement practical systems and controls
  4. Formulate operational procedures and controls that ensure an effective system of flow lines for movement and storage.
  5. Our warehousing logistics service will include the formulation of operational procedures and controls to ensure effective systems of flow lines regarding stock movement and storage.
Special Events Guarding

Our guards are trained to provide security at large and small special events, including sports matches, concerts, parties and conferences. We deliver excellence in any situation you can trust MOTLHABANE RISK MANAGEMENT SERVICES to provide a complete security solution.

Construction Site Guarding

We also provide security at construction sites to guard against theft of material and tools for construction clients. Our clients are provided with our Safety file and SHE Management System.  In turn our client’s needs to ensure that OHSACT provision for the following should be made 

  1. Shelter (guardhouse / reception)
  2. Ablution facilities.
  3. Effective lighting.
  4. We make use patrolling clock points system to ensure effective patrol technique
Real Estate / Security Complexes

We have also made provision for these specialized guarding services, where our personnel are used in Controlling Accesses into security complexes to guard against unauthorized access and to spot any irregular activities within the complex.

Armed Response Services

Our Armed Response division is fully functional to have a competitive edge over our competitors, it covers the following:

  1. A dedicated 24 hour manned control room for quick response time
  2. Have response teams in Townships as we have identified a market.
  3. Latest armed response technology including a regularly serviced fleet of cars.
  4. Link our guarding division by allocating them with panic buttons, which will enable our control to dispatch our response vehicle to area needing assistance.